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Elbow Angle Adapter

Elbow/Angle Adapters are used on installations where straight pipe runs are not possible. They are constructed out of the same highly reflective material as the light pipe and are fully adjustable from 0 - 45 degrees.

Additional Light Pipe

Extra sections of light pipe are used for tall attic installations. They are available in either 12" or 24" sections and are constructed of the same highly reflective material as the light pipe.

Dimmer with Remote Control

The dimmer adjusts the amount of daylight entering a room with an easy-to-use remote control. The dimmer kit comes fully assembled and is easy to install.

Light Kit

The light kit turns your SolarSkyLite into a light fixture for nighttime use. It can be installed in the previous fixture's ceiling rough out or can be added anywhere with additional electrical wiring. Available in incandescent or fluorescent models.

Exhaust Fan Kit

Integrates an extremely quiet exhaust system into the SolarSkyLite. It is capable of exhausting 125 cfm., enough to vent a bathroom and shower stall. The intake vent is disguised in a sleek trim ring that holds the SolarSkyLite diffuser and motor. Installs in the attic space. The flexible exhaust tubing allows for many venting options including a dual exhaust in your shower stall. It can also be installed in conjunction with the light kit.

Flashing Skirt for Tile Roofs

A flashing skirt is needed for tile roof applications. It is installed over the SolarSltyLite flashing to ensure a weather-tight fit.

Turret Extension for Tile Roofs

A turret extension is used on S-tile roof installations. It is slipped over the flashing lip to accommodate the additional height of S-tiles.
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