Add Light to Any Dark Space

natural, soft light - virtually no heat gain, no UV rays, no fading!

Highly-Reflective Light Pipe

illuminates up to 150 sq. ft. - equivalent to 300 watts of incandescent lighting

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Parts

seamless aluminum flashing will not leak and needs no maintenance

Quick & Simple Installation

10" kit includes 4' tube and all components/hardware needed

Fits Standard Pitched Roofs

no structural changes required, building code approved

Attractive Light Fixture

powder-coated white with prismatic light diffuser for a soft, even light

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What is a SolarSkyLite? SolarSkyLite is a 10” tubular skylight that will transform any dark space by filling it with beautiful, soft, evenly dispersed natural light. The circular, highly-reflective light pipe captures more light than traditional skylights and does it without transferring heat. SolarSkyLite requires no maintenance and has a 25-year warranty.

How SolarSkyLite works...The clear dome captures the full spectrum of sunlight - even in early morning and late afternoon when it’s needed the most. The light passes through a super-reflective, mirror-like tube which bounces the light downward as it travels. The ceiling diffuser then disperses a soft light into your home. The SolarSkyLite also reduces the UV rays that can cause fading on carpets and furniture. The resulting light is equal to approximately 300 watts of incandescent light - but all pure and natural!

Streamlined Design...SolarSkyLite has been designed with curb-appeal in mind. The low profile unit blends seamlessly into your roof line. The sleek Euro-styled light fixture matches any home decor.

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